Other Reports

CIC Criminal Reports

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/criminal/new-request

"Criminal" post request, which returns a Criminal report.

The "Criminal Fetch" get request can be used to retrieve orders that are cached on CRS servers. Reports are cached for 24 hours after the order is placed.

There is no exhaustive list of possible values for all these fields in the response because this data is reported slightly differently across jurisdictions.

CIC Eviction Reports

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/eviction/new-request

"Eviction" post request, which returns an Eviction report.

The "Eviction Fetch" get request can be used to retrieve orders that are cached on CRS servers. Reports are cached for 24 hours after the order is placed.


URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/pp​/property

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/pp​/property/pdf

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/pp​/property/data

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/pp/glbblj

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/pp/fcrablj

PitchPoint Property Report that provides property data from a range of leading national property databases, delivering 99% national coverage of residential properties.

  • Property Ownership & Foreclosure Information
  • Subject Property Details
  • FEMA Disaster Declarations
  • Property Voluntary Lien Report
  • Imaged Deed Search
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVM)


LexisNexis Search Bridger Insight (XGS)

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/xgs/search

LexisNexis Bridger Insight XG allows organizations to perform due diligence related to Bank Secrecy Act, anti-money laundering (AML), foreign corruption and terrorist financing. The tool combine filtering software and financial sanctions watchlist data, including enforcements lists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), and adverse media information.

LexisNexis Motor Vehicle Records

LexisNexis provides Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

First, run a Motor Vehicle Search, which produces the inputs needed to feed into the Motor Vehicle report. Then, retrieve the Motor Vehicle Report using the MVR API.

mvs: LexisNexis Motor Vehicle search

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/mvs

mvr: LexisNexis Motor Vehicle report

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/mvr

LexisNexis Bankruptcy Search and Report

First, run a Bankruptcy Search, which produces the inputs needed to feed into the Bankruptcy report, which contains comprehensive, accurate information on the latest bankruptcy case information. LexisNexis's databases are updated daily with data sources directly from the courts. Bankruptcy records include the debtor's name, address and social security number, plus crucial information like case number and court chapter, date filed, discharged, dismissed and converted. Information about attorneys, trustees and judges is also available.

Meridian Credit Link (MCL)

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/mcl/request

Requests sent to the CRS middleware (MWARE) using the URL, https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/mcl/request , will return data from MCL.

For MCL requests, your MCL credentials are used in the background. An MCL Request can be created to specify any MCL product to which your MCL Credentials allow access. If your MCL credentials had InstantID enabled, you could retrieve InstantID through the middleware but MCL can only give you HTML and/or PDF.


This endpoint can be used to interact with MCL's SmartAPI to retrieve MCL products using JSON (for both requests and responses). If you would rather receive XML, then we can provide credentials that can be used to connect directly to MCL's SmartAPI (not going through eCredit Data API) for XML responses.

MCL offers various products that can be specified in the request body according to the permissions set for your credentials. Many MCL products utilize a polling workflow for retrieving data.

The MCL SmartAPI documentation can be referenced for basic guidance from SmartAPI documentation.

These same principles apply for a JSON-based connection via CRS's Middleware.

Reports available from MCL SmartAPI

  • MCL offers various products which can be specified in the request
  • MeridianLink's SmartAPI is a single API to request credit verification information from service providers. Via MCL's API sends a single request and receives a response from the third-party verification service that is appropriate for the request
  • SmartAPI supports verification by:
    • Consumer Credit Reports from the three major bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion
    • Undisclosed Debt Notifications: a composition of the Equifax Undisclosed Debt Monitoring, Experian Mortgage Watch, and TransUnion Pre-Closing Mortgage Notifications products
    • Business Credit Reports: similar to consumer credit reports, but are used to pull data on legal entities
    • Property Verification: flood determination orders through various providers & automated valuation models: PASS, Home Value Explorer (HVE), IVAL, GeoAVM, and the Property
      and Market Condition (PMC) reports.
    • Employment Verification: instant database lookups and manual verifications. VOEs are processed instantly if the applicant's employer reports information to automated services like The Work Number. For all other employers, the VOE order will be processed manually.
    • Income Verification based on tax return verification from the IRS.
    • Tax Transcript: 4506-C, tax transcripts and other tax-related forms
  • Asset Verification via AccountChek: asset verifications through borrower-managed account enrollment. Pull down a report detailing balance and transaction history for all enrolled accounts.
  • Deposit Verification are manually processed by the verification service provider
  • Identity Verification, Validation, and Authentication: such as SSA-89
  • Financial Sanctions Watchlist Verification
  • Customizable fraud detection reports: product that supports verification across three types of entities typically involved in a loan: the borrower(s), the subject property, and any non-borrower participants (e.g. loan officer, underwriter, etc). Various services are used to generate these reports, some of which include: Lexis Nexis (WsAccurint, WsIdentity, Bridger Insight XG), Equifax Intellireal, Experian Income Insights/Income Insights W2, MERS, MCL Integration (UDN), CreditData and watchlists.
  • Criminal Record Reports through Contemporary Information Corp (CIC)
  • Eviction Reports through Contemporary Information Corp (CIC)
  • MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS (MERS) reports, which provide a list of all mortgages associated with a consumer
  • MORTGAGE PARTICIPANT VERIFICATION (MPV): to be used to check loan participants (e.g. loan officer, brokerage, appraiser, etc.) against various financial sanctions watchlists

COMING SOON: Experian Liens & Judgements

ljs: Liens and Judgements Search

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/ljs: Send a "Liens and Judgements Search" request

ljr: Liens and Judgements Report

URL: https://api-sandbox.stitchcredit.com/api/ljr: Retrieve the "Liens and Judgements Report"