CRS offers a variety of reports and verification products from the major credit bureaus and other data sources through the eCredit Data API.

The API supports both JSON and XML requests and responses. For details of the API, refer to the endpoints and request/response models within the API Documentation.

Integration Options:

1. Integration to Product APIs

Different reports and verification products can be requested via the eCredit Data API. Those endpoints are described within the API Reference section. Swagger documentation is also available.

If you have any questions regarding our product offering or need help in selecting a product that meets your business needs, please contact our Sales team.

Each API endpoint has a different request/response. However, the integration steps are the same: authenticate, then request the product (either report or verification) through the specific API endpoint.

These endpoints will order either a JSON or XML report for the identity included in the request body.

All functionality of the eCredit Data API can be tested in the Sandbox environment. To request access to our Sandbox, please visit the Sandbox documentation for instructions.

2. Integration to APIs excluded from Swagger Documentation

Unfortunately, MCL SmartAPI is excluded from the Swagger documentation due to structural issues created by their models.

If you would like to access the MCL APIs for particular requests, please contact us and we can provide you with the necessary integration details.

Requests sent to the CRS middleware (MWARE) using the URL,, will return data from MCL.

This endpoint can be used to interact with MCL's SmartAPI to retrieve MCL products using JSON (for both requests and responses). If you would rather receive XML, then we can provide credentials that can be used to connect directly to MCL's SmartAPI (not going through eCredit Data API) for XML responses.

The MCL SmartAPI documentation can be referenced for basic guidance from SmartAPI documentation.

These same principles apply for a JSON-based connection via CRS's Middleware.